Gain access to professionally trained experts to meet your ‘ad hoc’ need for resources for a particular function and/or project within Europe.

Our functional sourcing services are as easy as freelance support, but with the guarantee of continuity, in-house-training, the expertise of a multidisciplinary team one can expect from a professional organisation. Ad Hoc Clinical also has processes in place to track changes in regulatory requirements and trends in the conduct of clinical research



  • Study start-up
  • Regulatory teams (Ethics and Competent Authority submissions)
  • Monitoring teams
  • Clinical trial administration
  • Project management
  • Audit/quality control


  • Each mission is owned by a committed individual but backed by a professional organization
  • Knowledge is shared among a multidisciplinary team


  • Scale up or down according to pipeline needs
  • Save time and money: reduce overlapping PM activities
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Communicate directly
  • Remain in control: work is done according to your SOPs, under your supervision, using your systems, allowing a smooth integration into your organization
  • Ensure stability and continuity: internal back-up can be organized