After having built experience in various roles within the Clinical Research Industry, Nancy decided to create a company in which exceptional, think-of-the-deliverable, know-your-craft, invest-in-relationships kind of people can thrive. This is how Ad Hoc Clinical was born back in 2009.

Ad Hoc Clinical is a European Clinical Research Organisation providing "à la carte" Functional Services.

We offer our clients the possibility to hire the just competencies they need and complete their teams with local or specific know-how.

We are not a headhunter and not an employment agency. We are a team. A team of professionals with an in-house QA system, internal SOP’s and a loads of experience.

My team and I are ready to step in and hit the ground running. We can take care of all your EU study start-up activities, monitoring, or clinical project management and become a part of your team in a collaborative and supportive way whilst you remain in complete control of operations.

Even if you already have a team of your own or work with a CRO of your choice, the AHC Team can make the difference.

Even if you already have a team of your own or work with a CRO of your choice, the AHC Team can make the difference by

  • providing CRA oversight we ensure your teams work efficiently and cost-effectively
  • coaching your own teams we bridge the GAP and develop the competencies your organisation might currently lack
  • mentoring your managers we help you to build and to grow your own organisation
  • a targeted quality control we create or optimise your in house SOP’s
  • a targeted site audit we can ensure you made the right choices

All of this is totally "à la carte". You select and pay only for the service(s) you need and avoid unnecessary recurrent costs. This is exactly what Ad Hoc means and is exactly the type of service we want to offer to our clients. Adding value is the only thing that makes us happy.

Our clients include the pharmaceutical industry, CRO's, biotech companies, Medical device industry and even research sites. We offer our services to clients in various therapeutic areas and study phases.

The Ad Hoc Clinical is willing, eager, and able to organise your clinical research!

Nancy Cottigny (CV) - Manager